May 30, 2012

Katya's diploma

One of our girl who graduted Hope House two years ago - Katya - got her diploma today.

Congratulations Katya and welcome to adult life. Hope she will find a good work and be a good example for the rest of our Hope House family who is still styding hard.

May 24, 2012

Big flood in Odessa

Big rain here in Odessa. It took 2 hours for me Kerry and Carole to get back to Fontanka from the city (usually it takes 20 minutes).

I don't remember this big flood in me life. 3 hours of rain and a lot of damage.

It's almost killed some things at our garden. Well, they promised rain tomorrow as well. Hope not so big :)

May 23, 2012

New competition

Hello everybody. We have a new competition on the best name for Hope House 2. It's under construction but we want to name it already.

So author for the best name we'll chose will get a special price from World Hope Ukraine (and it's going to be VERY GOOD PRICE).

Think quick and send us yours ideas by

May 21, 2012

Our foster families

Thanks CIDA and World Hope Canada  for financial support of these families and foster kids

More information here

May 18, 2012

HH2 construction news

We finished today our foundation walls. Big job, lot's of concrete. I think our basement now will stay during atomic war :)

Well, we needed to do what we need to make this building to start and continue.

Some pictures for you from today

May 17, 2012

Our big family

What a blessing for me as a director of World Hope Ukraine to have this big family and work with nice people who have big hearts for those who needed and want to serve Him. Thank all of you guys and God bless you for all work you do!

This is not a work - this is enjoyable time :)
World Hope stuff, World Hope Canada, foster parents and Hope House girls celebrating together

May 15, 2012

Hope House constructions news

We have a progress with our construction. It takes longer than we expected, but we are going forward anyway. We need your prayer and financial support if possible.

Stephanie Beck Gilmer (Executive Director Of World Hope Canada) :
Things are starting to take shape with the new transitional home in Ukraine. We are looking for teams to help with construction and partners who will pray for the work and support it with their finances.

You can donate here

There are some pictures for you.

May 14, 2012

World Hope Canada team

We had a blessing to host a great team from World Hope Canada - Stephanie Gilmer (Executive Director), Barbara Halvorson, Georgina Hayes and Glenda Hoyle.

We had our board meeting and were able to look at the last 2011 year and look forward and plan for 2012.

Thank you for making our life here easier, for you financial, prayer and emotional support. Together we can do this ministry for those kids and for the glory of our Lord.


May 11, 2012

New members of Hope House

We got two goats - mom and baby - for Hope House. It's really nice to have fresh milk every day. With so many girls at Hope House it is going to be big saving money for the budget.

Tanya really enjoy to milk a goat.

Tanya with a mom goat

My daughter Inna with a baby goat