Apr 25, 2012

Allisons back to Ukraine

The good news for today is that our good friends, missionaries from Canada Kerry and Carole Allison came back today. We are so happy to have them and looking forward to the time we can work together.

Welcome back grandpa and grandma :)

Apr 21, 2012

New chickens for Hope House

I want to thank everybody who support World Hope to buy new chickens for Hope House. We had a team from Alabama so they cleaned all out barns and prepare them for the baby chickens. Thank you guys.

As a price for them was photo session with chickens :)

By the way we've been able to get 100 baby chickens.

Apr 17, 2012

Hope House 2 construction - April

Our construction is keep going. Some bad news about our soil so we need to do more work to make our foundation stronger. Well, it's going to cost us more.

We didn't plan it, but we are going to have basement where we can put a lot of stuff almost for nothing. So God is good.

Tomorrow we started to prepare stuff to do our foundation for walls. Then in couple weeks we will put cement bricks and will have our basement ready. Then we can start first floor. Lots of work but we can do it.

So if you want to help financially or you know how to built please connect me or World Hope Canada office and we can make a good plan together. All information you will find at CONTACT US page.

There are some pictures for you.

Apr 13, 2012

First Step Center Update

by Sergiy Svystun
(with editing by Stephanie Gilmer)
Kostya & Borya
Kostya working with Borya on school work at First Step Centre. 
Borya is a 14 year old boy from Moldova. Lot's of kids from this country come to Odessa to survive. His mom and dad died because of drugs and Borya became a street boy. He has never gone to school because the school director said he is slow and they didn't need to have  bad statistic at her school.
In order to live Borya began to steal. First it was mobile phones, then with other boys they started to stop drunk people at nights and take all they had.  The police put Borya in an orphanage. He ran away so many times and unfortunately because of so many abuses he doesn't trust adults any more. He started to drink and sniff glue.  
World Hope's First Step Centre is the only place where Borya feels safe. Our staff, especially Kostya, spends a lot of time with him helping him with his education.  Borya can read now. We are really hopeful that God is going to change Borya's life and he will leave street. 
Nastya comes to First Step searching for a break from the struggles she faces at home. She has found friendship and so much more! 
Nastya is just 15 years old. Even though she smiles a lot, usually she is so sad. Her mom was killed in front of Nastya by drunk men.  Her mom was drunk as well. Nastya lives with her grandparents but they are going through a divorce and they have conflicts every day.  Nastya does not spent a lot of time at their home.  Soon she found friends on streets. Those friends smoke, drink alcohol, and have sexual life at their young age. 
First Step Centre is Nastya's only chance to hear about God and about the different life she can live. She comes after school, does her homework and eats a nutritious meal. She especially likes to spend time with some of our volunteers who are sociologists.  
We need your support for our work at First Step where we face spiritual battles every single day. Satan wants to steal these kids from God but we are at the first line to fight for them. And with God's help we are going to win! 
WE NEED YOUR HELP! Your financial and prayer support are needed a lot.  We are looking for people who understand the differSergiy Svystunence that First Step Centre staff are making in the lives of the kids that show up there . We need monthly supporters who wants to help kids, who want to save lives for God. Are you one of them? Click here to print off a monthly donation form and join with us on the front lines today! 
Thank you my friends!


Apr 10, 2012

Katya's story

It’s really nice to see our graduates who has success in life and keep serving God. One of them is Katya. She spent two years at Hope House. After that she kept studying at Odessa University. May 15th 2012 she is going to get her diploma. Also Katya serves at Odessa Messianic Church in worship group. 

It’s a really encouragement for us to see her happy face and her big heart for God and people. May your future life will be even more bless by God, Katya!!!

Apr 6, 2012

Who is the happiest nation in the World?

Columbian University (USA) made a list of happiest countries in the world. First place took  Denmark, second - Norway, third - Finland.

It top 10 countries - Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zeland, Australia.

Ukraine is on 91 position from 150 countries :(

Apr 4, 2012

Ukraine without orphans

Kostya and myself attended very good seminar - Ukraine without orphans. So good to see a lot of people who really cares about orphans and want to help.

Only together we can make changes in our society.There are some pictures and a short video. My interview you can watch on 2 min 50 sec.