Apr 17, 2012

Hope House 2 construction - April

Our construction is keep going. Some bad news about our soil so we need to do more work to make our foundation stronger. Well, it's going to cost us more.

We didn't plan it, but we are going to have basement where we can put a lot of stuff almost for nothing. So God is good.

Tomorrow we started to prepare stuff to do our foundation for walls. Then in couple weeks we will put cement bricks and will have our basement ready. Then we can start first floor. Lots of work but we can do it.

So if you want to help financially or you know how to built please connect me or World Hope Canada office and we can make a good plan together. All information you will find at CONTACT US page.

There are some pictures for you.


  1. So what your saying if i come this summer there will be lots of hard work ??

    1. Yes my brother, yes :)
      A lot of work for everybody

  2. Can't wait to see it. Put our team to work.