Nov 25, 2013

Special thanks from First Step Center

Today we want to thank those who does real work for our kids doing small things. Sometimes you think this is small. But when winter comes you need warm clothes to put on.

Thank you who make this warm hats for kids in Odessa. Thank you who support First Step ministry. Small job becomes big when you can help at least one of His kids!!!

Nov 12, 2013

Map of orphanages at Odessa oblast

Map of orphanages at Odessa oblast (area) - 23 of them - approximately 100 kids in each - lot's of work - lot's of kids who needs our help

Nov 11, 2013

Day of prayer about orphans

This Saturday and Sunday we had a special day of prayer about orphans. We had a conference on Saturday and Flesh mob. Then on Sunday at every evangelical church people prayed and spoke about orphans.

I believe that God can change this situation and all of us will see Odessa an Ukraine without orphans soon.

Some pictures for you

Oct 23, 2013

First Missionary Church’s Short Term Mission Trip to Ukraine Summary

God led us to work at Hope House where we laid ceramic tile, made curtains, and several other tasks.  We accomplished these tasks with a few challenges along the way, but with the Lord’s help and His patience they came out very well.

The bigger thing that Lord did was to change our hearts through the girls and staff at Hope House.

Our team fell in love with the ten young ladies and the staff at Hope House.  We also became much more aware of how Leah Schwartz has been a vital part of in the lives of these girls.  Not only in teaching English, but also in their spiritual growth. 

We had a lot of fun sharing and receiving notes of encouragement and gifts with our secret friends and the secret friend party on Saturday night.

We witnessed first hand how Kerry, Sergei and the staff at Hope House have a tremendous passion to help these you ladies grow and serve the Lord.

It has been a tremendous blessing and privilege for our team to serve the Lord at Hope House.
Brian & Kay Schwartz

Team Leaders for the First Missionary Team
Team members
Mike and Dixie Lough, Linda Moughler, Brenda Shepherd

More pictures here

Sep 10, 2013

Construction news - September

It's going to be very busy month. We started plaster the walls, lay ceramic, install all pluming system.  We need your support and your prayers. Lot's of work but together we can do it.

Sep 3, 2013

Two sisters

When families break up here, the children are often put in orphanages. This happened to these sisters who were separated by hundreds of miles since early childhood as each was paced in a different orphanage. Hope House is happy to say that these sisters are now sharing a room and getting to know each other. One sister knew about this plan and one didn't...yah should have seen the tears of JOY!

Aug 26, 2013

Congratulations to Snezhana and Yanna!!!

We are so happy for our two girls who were baptized yesterday. New life!!! New blessings!!! New church family!!!

We had wonderful time together in church at the morning and then we continue to celebrate at Hope House with barbecue, good fellowship and some more old good friends. God is good. Life is good when you make wright decisions!!!

Aug 23, 2013

Help for Katya

We are so happy that we can work with kids at First Step Center again.

A week ago we notice that our little Katya could not see for a long distance. We brought her to a local hospital and they told us she needs glasses.  Now she looks so beautiful and can see for a long distance. Thank you our friend who helps First Step Center kids to have better life!!!

Aug 19, 2013

Construction news - August 2013

Summer time is very hot and busy. We had some people who came to help us with construction. There are two men from Russia - Denis and Vlad. Also we had a privilege to have pastor Rob, Sussex, NB and his beautiful daughter Brooke. 

It's amazing how much you can do with this small crew. Just look at pictures and ask yourself: may be it's time for me to come??? The answer will be absolutely YES!!!

Aug 15, 2013

First Step Center - NEED HELP!!!

Many of you know that First Step Center started to work again. We did a lot of work to move all thing from old First Step facility to our office. it is much smaller but we don't need to pay rent. So our expences went down a lot.

We reorganized our work and started to work with yang kids (3-14 years old). most number of them we call social orphans. There are kids who need our help to prepare them to go to school, make their documents, need medical help.

Some of them will not go to school if we won't help them. They need all school's supplies, uniform, food and somebody to help them everyday with homeworks.

So Kostya and Tatyana are at First Step Center everyday working with those who need help. Everyday we have now from 12-15 kids. So happy to say that we have a volunteer from one church. Her name is Tanya and you can see her picture below.






Aug 2, 2013

Saying Good buy to Luba

Luba was a part of Hope house for the last years... Well, it's time to say good buy... She graduated her college program, got a diploma... It's time to start something new...

We've been praying for her future. And God gave her an answer. Luba was invited to study at the Seminary in Kiev to become a missionary and work with kids after that.  That was Luba's dreams for years!!!

We will miss you Luba!!! Love you and wish you all the best!!!

Jul 18, 2013

Lo'ts of fun at the canning season

You can tell that girls and Inna with Alyona have lot's of fun canning for the winter :))


Jul 4, 2013

Construction news - June 2013

I am so happy to show you the results of this month. We finish to put plaster on walls outside and inside. Almost finish electric work. Also all windows installed. Next Wednesday all outside doors will be installed.

We started to frame closets at girls bedrooms and family room.  Big progress for a short time. Still lot's of work so everybody welcome to come and help!!!

There are some pictures for you.

May 29, 2013

Construction news - May 2013

We started plastering the outside walls this week. All windows already ordered and will be install next week.

Electricians are going to start putting wires and etc. soon as well. Doors are going to be order.

So in a couple of weeks from today you are not going to recognize Hope House 2 from outside.

Big thanks to all of you who are involve in this big construction. All together we are going to make a big difference!!!

There are some pictures for you

Apr 18, 2013

North America Visit

It's almost two weeks I spent here in Canada. I want to thank everyone who made this trip real.

During this time I was able to visit Kerry and Carole Allison, Georgina and Arnold Hayes, Sussex Wesleyan Church and Woodstock Wesleyan Church.

Also I had a great opportunity to be at Kingswood University and saw some of my friends.

Sussex Christian School surprised me with a check to buy 83 new chickens for Hope House.

Then we had Fund raising Dinner. And I was so happy to see more than 100 people who really care about ministry of World Hope.

On Sunday  we visited two churches in Nova Scotia - Woods Harbour Wesleyan Church and Yarmouth Wesleyan Church. Thanks you to have us there. It was fantastic time to spend together.

Next day we drove to Beulah camp to spent overnight with wonderful family  Stuart and Phyllis Steeves. Thank you for your hospitality.

Then Director of World Hope Canada Stephanie Gilmer and me drove 12 hours back to Ottawa.

More trips ahead. 

There are some pictures for you.

Feb 6, 2013

Nazar is growing

I think you will be blessed to see these photos of new World Hope Ukraine member - Nazar.

As you see he is going to be a good pastor - he even sleeps on his knees :))

These are only his first pictures. Soon will be more...

Congratulations Sergiy and Lena

Jan 9, 2013

First grandson of World Hope

I am so happy and proud to tell you that Lena gave birth to a son. His name is Nazar. He is 3,200 kg and 52 cm.

Baby is OK. Feels good and healthy. Mama had an operation because of  internal bleeding (if I spell it wright).

Anyway, today Lena feels much better and even can walk a little.. So we need your prayers for Lena, Sergiy and Nazar and soon (next week) I will bring them from hospital to the home. 

So waiting for the pictures :)))

Congratulations friends. They just made me a grandpa :)))