Oct 23, 2013

First Missionary Church’s Short Term Mission Trip to Ukraine Summary

God led us to work at Hope House where we laid ceramic tile, made curtains, and several other tasks.  We accomplished these tasks with a few challenges along the way, but with the Lord’s help and His patience they came out very well.

The bigger thing that Lord did was to change our hearts through the girls and staff at Hope House.

Our team fell in love with the ten young ladies and the staff at Hope House.  We also became much more aware of how Leah Schwartz has been a vital part of in the lives of these girls.  Not only in teaching English, but also in their spiritual growth. 

We had a lot of fun sharing and receiving notes of encouragement and gifts with our secret friends and the secret friend party on Saturday night.

We witnessed first hand how Kerry, Sergei and the staff at Hope House have a tremendous passion to help these you ladies grow and serve the Lord.

It has been a tremendous blessing and privilege for our team to serve the Lord at Hope House.
Brian & Kay Schwartz

Team Leaders for the First Missionary Team
Team members
Mike and Dixie Lough, Linda Moughler, Brenda Shepherd

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