Apr 18, 2013

North America Visit

It's almost two weeks I spent here in Canada. I want to thank everyone who made this trip real.

During this time I was able to visit Kerry and Carole Allison, Georgina and Arnold Hayes, Sussex Wesleyan Church and Woodstock Wesleyan Church.

Also I had a great opportunity to be at Kingswood University and saw some of my friends.

Sussex Christian School surprised me with a check to buy 83 new chickens for Hope House.

Then we had Fund raising Dinner. And I was so happy to see more than 100 people who really care about ministry of World Hope.

On Sunday  we visited two churches in Nova Scotia - Woods Harbour Wesleyan Church and Yarmouth Wesleyan Church. Thanks you to have us there. It was fantastic time to spend together.

Next day we drove to Beulah camp to spent overnight with wonderful family  Stuart and Phyllis Steeves. Thank you for your hospitality.

Then Director of World Hope Canada Stephanie Gilmer and me drove 12 hours back to Ottawa.

More trips ahead. 

There are some pictures for you.