Hope House

Since the Ukraine's independence, an estimated 120,000 young women have been trafficked from the Ukraine, mostly for the sex trade.  One of the most vulnerable groups to trafficking are young women who are graduated from state-run orphanages at 16 years of age.  Hope House is a transition home for these young women, helping them get established in life after leaving orphanage care.

It has been a very successful program as evidenced by some of our graduates. In June 2010, four of the original girls graduated from university or college and have moved out.  Two have continued on to Bible college and two are now employed.  All are living as successful contributing members of Ukrainian society.
When the four girls moved out, it left room and now we have 13 girls living at Hope House!  It is a home, a place to belong and learn life skills, a place where others believe in you.  The girls blossom in this positive home environment.

We are currently preparing to build a second home as the need is great and the success of the program is becoming well known locally!

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