Feb 27, 2012

Nastya's story

We know Nastya from 2010. Masha from Hope House brought her to First Step. She met her at the college where she was studying. September 1 was college meeting and Nastya came there without shoes. 

We invited Nastya to stay at Hope House. And she did for couple month. She is street girl and it was really hard for her to stay. So one day she decided to leave and become street girl again. 

Last week she came to First Step. We hardly recognized her. She was so dirty, bitten, and unhealthy. Unfortunately she doesn’t want to change her life. Our staff tries to help her. But we know only God can change her heart and her life.

So please keep praying for her. Tell your friends and your churches.

On these pictures you can see Nastya’s picture at Hope House and her picture now. You can tell a difference.

Feb 25, 2012

Foster families meeting

February 23 is a man holiday in Ukraine. So we invited our foster families to spend couple hours together, pray about our kids and speak about the future.

We are so happy to welcome new family to our project. On the picture from the left to the wright: Nadya, Svetlana and Daniel (new family), Sergiy and Larisa and Foster project Coordinator - Dina.

Feb 21, 2012

Our volunteers

Big help for First Step Center is our volunteers psychologists from Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling  Center  http://familycounseling-odessa.org/

They work with all age groups and individual with kids, specially with girls. Big plus is that all of those psychologists are Christians so they motivate our kids go to church and change their lives using moral and ethics lessons.

Also two of them visit Hope House and help Lina working with girls there.
So there is a big blessing for us and we thank them a lot.

Feb 14, 2012

Hope House graduates

Couple weeks ago we had a privilege to invite for a dinner some of our graduated Hope House girls – Diana, Zhana and Karina. We spent wonderful time and tried sushi. I can tell you I like meet more :)

All three of them study at Kiev Seminary. They are doing very well. I am personally proud of them. It’s really nice to see how our graduates growing and become mature. They are part of the big World Hope family forever. My kids call them sisters. Good time and there are some pictures for you.

Girls with my family

My wife Dina with our foster daughter Inna

My daughter Alina with Diana

Feb 10, 2012

Ukraine is #1 in Europe

We are the first in Europe unfortunately. A lot of people died because of low temperature. We need a lot of warm clothes, winter boots, underwear and socks for street kids. Every day we have around 25-30 kids at First Step Center. So we need your help. For more information you can contact Stephanie Gilmer - Executive Director of World Hope Canada - stephanie@worldhope.ca 

Feb 8, 2012

Black Sea froze

Black Sea froze. Such is rarely. Very coldly in Odessa. High wind. For many street boys and girls First Step Center is the only possibility to warm up and sleep. Please pray about them. And now look at some pictures of this unique event.

Feb 6, 2012

Feb 4, 2012

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Sergiy Svystun