Feb 27, 2012

Nastya's story

We know Nastya from 2010. Masha from Hope House brought her to First Step. She met her at the college where she was studying. September 1 was college meeting and Nastya came there without shoes. 

We invited Nastya to stay at Hope House. And she did for couple month. She is street girl and it was really hard for her to stay. So one day she decided to leave and become street girl again. 

Last week she came to First Step. We hardly recognized her. She was so dirty, bitten, and unhealthy. Unfortunately she doesn’t want to change her life. Our staff tries to help her. But we know only God can change her heart and her life.

So please keep praying for her. Tell your friends and your churches.

On these pictures you can see Nastya’s picture at Hope House and her picture now. You can tell a difference.

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  1. Prayers for Nastya from Michigan. I have been checking back hoping for a good update as I seen this on a link on Fremont Wesleyan where I attend. www.simplyraising8.com