Jan 28, 2012

Hope House Family

What a joy to see all these girls at Hope House. God is good. He really changes lives. What a big privilege to serve Him with our big World Hope family.

Jan 24, 2012

Snezhana's health

Hello friends.

This is last news about Snezhana. Do you believe in miracles? Some of you wrote me and promised to pray hard. Some even said: we are going to pray so God will hill her.

Well, God is great. Shezhana’s health much better now. Her temperature went down. And her last XR showed that she ……………… does not need operation right now. Her black spot in her long almost disappeared.

Praise God.

She still needs a lot of intensive care and good medicine. And her doctor is going to send her to the best Health Center for TB people in Ukraine in Crimea. That cost a lot and only rich people can afford it. But because she does not need an operation she has money to go. Thanks you guys who helped her during those hard days.

She still needs a lot of your prayers and love. She feels much better and her spirit in a good condition. She was surprised that so many people around the world know about her and want to help. Good testimony for everybody and good example of God’s family.

Thank you again. And I will keep in touch with you about Snezhana and what’s going on.  

Jan 20, 2012

Hope House - 9 years ago

Hi friends. This post is for those who saw Hope House last years and for those who remember how everything started.

So let's go back and pray for the future.

Jan 17, 2012

Orphanage at Andreevka-Ivanovka

Our team visited an orphanage in a little village at Christmas season. We work with this orphanage kids with Life Start Program. Try to teach them life skills they will need in future. This program WHU does together with WHC and CIDA.

We brought kids Christmas gifts. I was shocked how much appreciate those kids were to get those small gifts. You know, sometimes we have so much and don't appreciate it. Those kids have so small and really enjoying this.

So, please pray for these kids and our ministry there.


Jan 12, 2012


One of our girl - Snezhana - needs emergency medical operation. She has TB. She is in hospital now for 2 month but nothing really help. So today doctor said she needs an operation. They are going to cut a piece of her lung.

The worst part of the story is that her mom died because of it. So this is only one chance for her to stay alive.

Friends, we need your help!!! We need to save a yang life!!!I even can not think what she would do if God wouldn't sent her to us.  So we need your prayers and we need your financial support. Don't be afraid to contact me for any questions.

There is Snezhana with myself this summer.

Jan 11, 2012

Hope House 2

As you know World Hope is going to build a new house for 15 girls. Long time ago we got a land in Fontanka besides Hope House. Last year a group from Mississippi came and really liked work with orphan girls. So they made a decision to help building a new house. 

Thank you Broadmoor Baptist Church and specially Gray and Trey Pace for your love. May God bless you and help all of us to finish this project.

There are some pictures of our project.

Jan 9, 2012

New Year 2012 party at Hope House

There are some pictures from New Year party. Our girls invited their friends from Fontanka church, Kremidovka and some "old" friends - Lena with Sergiy and Alisa with Misha.

It was wonderful time they can spend together. We all hope that new year will bring lot's of blessings in all their lives and God will keep His hands on Hope House.

Jan 5, 2012

Crossroad Club in Kremidovka

WHU works in Kremidovka for years. This year we started new group. Yang kids. We hope that God's grace will be upon them and their life will be changed by His mercy throw this ministry.

Also, there is a good opportunity for our Hope House girls to serve those kids. There are some pictures for you.

Jan 4, 2012

Making Hope House warmer

This winter we decided to make Hope House warmer, so we can save lot's of money heating it (paying for natural gas). Thank you Jimmy and Tanya Conrad for this project!!!

This is day one.