Jan 24, 2012

Snezhana's health

Hello friends.

This is last news about Snezhana. Do you believe in miracles? Some of you wrote me and promised to pray hard. Some even said: we are going to pray so God will hill her.

Well, God is great. Shezhana’s health much better now. Her temperature went down. And her last XR showed that she ……………… does not need operation right now. Her black spot in her long almost disappeared.

Praise God.

She still needs a lot of intensive care and good medicine. And her doctor is going to send her to the best Health Center for TB people in Ukraine in Crimea. That cost a lot and only rich people can afford it. But because she does not need an operation she has money to go. Thanks you guys who helped her during those hard days.

She still needs a lot of your prayers and love. She feels much better and her spirit in a good condition. She was surprised that so many people around the world know about her and want to help. Good testimony for everybody and good example of God’s family.

Thank you again. And I will keep in touch with you about Snezhana and what’s going on.  


  1. Praise the Lord! He is so great and merciful!! Give her a big hug for me and let her know how pleased we are that she is feeling better.

  2. Yes I will tell her for sure. I hope soon she will be healthy for 100%

  3. Yippee, so excited that she is doing better. Let her know we are thinking of her and will keep praying.

  4. God is so good. We'll keep praying.