Oct 31, 2014

Pray for Albina

You probable remember how we prayed for Snezana couple years ago when she was sick. God healed her completely and she got married.

Now we have the same problem with her younger  sister - Albina. She has the same diagnosis - TB. Bad form, long time at hospital, lot's of medicine, be alone and isolated from her friends and Hope House...

She will spend at hospital 2 month for sure, then who knows...

So, we need your prayer support!!! Please tell your churches, post her picture, tell your friend!!! We believe that God can hells her!!!

Please let me know how many people from your church and friends are going to pray - this information will encourage Albina.

There are some pictures from our visit her today at hospital. Albina wears yellow jacket.

Snezana and Albina

Albina, Dina and Snezana

Albina and Dina

Oct 14, 2014

Nickolay and Snezhana wedding

This year is so special for World Hope and me. Third daughter was married. I am so exited for all of them.

Today you are welcome to be happy for Nikolay and Snezhana. May God bless this new family richly!!!