Jun 5, 2012

Sad news

Very said news for all of us was death of Vitya. He was with us almost from the time First Step was opened. He died a week ago because of HIV.

Vitya left his home when he was 7 years old. His mother was drug edict. He met street kids and started to use glue, drugs, alcohol. As a reason of this soon he got TB, problems with his liver, etc.

As he grew up he became more and more out of control. But then Vitya met Jesus. And he was healed from all his sicknesses and bad habits.  Vitya was baptized. Local Christian TV company even made a video where Vitya gave his testimony. 

He started to serve God in church. God helped us to make all paper for his apartment, so he had a place to live.

But then Vitya met his old friends and his life started to go below and below. He started old life – drugs, glue…

Sometimes he visited us at First Step. All the time we reminded him about God’s love. When Vitya was at hospital and had only couple more days to live he accepted Jesus to his life again. Sin destroyed his body but we hope that his eternal soul belong to God through His mercy and love. 

His last photos

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