Oct 24, 2012

New article about us in Ukrainian magazine

Дать сироте почувствовать себя любимым — приоритетная задача того, кто называет себя человеком 

Sorry friends it is in Russian, but you can enjoying by looking  at pictures and be proud of the good work He does with your help!!!!

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  1. I just read it using Google Translator. It isn't perfect but it helps you to get the gist of it.

    Well done Sergiy!

  2. I used the translator, too! So great to read how World Hope is impacting Ukraine! I continue to pray for you and the girls of Hope House.
    Jill Davis

  3. I also read it using Google translator. Well Done Sergiy! I have all the kids at school Praying for you daily! Keep up the awesome work over there and we shall see you again soon.